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Annual Research Programmes 2010-2013

The Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research is hosting a Faculty-wide Research Programme that is envisaged to run every year under a different theme. The Programme will stretch over a whole academic year and is intended to comprise international conferences, a lecture series, workshops, one-day symposia, enterprise and public-engagement projects and staff-student reading groups. The chosen theme will be broad and open enough to accommodate a diverse portfolio of events and activities, involving the greatest possible number of staff and research students in IHSSR. The Programme will bring together the local IHSSR research community, helping to define and develop an ‘identity’ for the Institute, as well as involving visiting inter/national scholars and the local community.

For its inaugural run in 2010-11 the chosen topic was Globalisation.
The programme in 2010-11 was coordinated by Professor Berthold Schoene in English.

The enormously Successful 2011-12 programme was on Community. The 2011-12 programme  was coordinated by Dr Annabel Kiernan, Senior Lecturer, Public Services, Dept. History, Politics & Philosophy

The 2012-13 Annual Research Programme will address three strands: Digital Humanities, Human Rights and Ethical Issues in Humanities and Social Science Research.

Tickets for all events are bookable via Eventbrite