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The European Crime Genre in Translation

Developments in the market for European crime fiction in translation over the last two decades have accelerated the cultural traffic between different European ‘crime cultures’ and demonstrated the ease with which crime fiction, as a genre, travels between and beyond national and linguistic boundaries.











This symposium  will engage with crime fiction as a body of popular fiction that is able to provide insights into shifting European constructions of the nation-state, looking at works written in  the past twenty years, a  period characterised by the  transition from national to multi- and transcultural communities. To this end, the contributors will examine European crime fiction as a means of generating transnational dialogue on pressing social and political concerns of the day.

The goal is to search  for a definition of “European” crime fiction, examining the different possible permutations that can be found within this broad category and their respective characteristics:  the notion of “European” will be examined both as  a marker of the nationality of the author, and, alternatively, with  reference to the chosen location for the  stories.


Kerstin Bergman, University of Lund, Sweden

Mark Chu, University College Cork, Ireland

Nicoletta Di Ciolla, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Claire Gorrara, Cardiff University, UK

Katharina Hall, Swansea University , UK

Monica Jansen, University of Utrecht, Belgium

Inge Lanslots, University of Louvain, Belgium

LOCATION: Manchester Metropolitan University, Geoffrey Manton Building

DATE: 27 April 2012